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If a man is known by the company he keeps, a professional consultant is known by the clients he serves! We have handled many major and important projects for organizations of good reputation and standard. We provide services to innumerable building & Architectural Houses
  • M/S ABAD Builders & Group of Hotels,Cochin
  • M/S Bavason Cochin
  • M/S CGH group of Hotels, Cochin
  • M/S Good Earth, Cochin
  • M/S Datri, Cochin
  • M/S Hotel Sarovaram Ernakulam
  • M/S Jayraj Builders, Cochin
  • M/S Mather Group Cochin
  • M/S Moopan Motors, Cochin
  • M/S Orchid Group
  • M/S Park Group of Hotels
  • M/S Parsans, Coimbatore
  • M/S Roma Builders, Cochin
  • M/S Royal Builders, Tripunitura
  • M/S Shifflis Cochin
  • M/S Travancore Builders
  • M/S TVS Motors, Cochin
  • M/S Mahindra & Mahindra
  • M/S Moon River Sanctuary Munnar
  • M/S BTH Hotel, Ernakulam
  • M/S Oxonia Builders Cochin
  • M/S TVS motors Madurai
  • M/S Abad Builders
  • M/S AVT
  • M/S Indus Towers
  • M/S Tata Tele Services
  • M/S Universal, Angamaly
  • M/S Vodafone
  • M/S Synthite Realtors
  • M/S Jeff Builders Pune
We are the structural consultants for many leading Architectural firms
  • M/S Anand Associates, Cochin
  • M/S Jibu & Thomas, Cochin,
  • M/S Kumar Group
  • M/s. Associated Architects, Cochin
  • M/s. Anandashrami Architects, Cochin
  • M/s. Inspirations, Cochin
  • M/s. Forms India, Cochin
  • M/s. JlP Architects, Cochin.
  • M/s. Inesh Designs, Cochin & Chennai
  • M/s. sanskriti Architects, Cochin
  • M/S Jaikumar Associates , Balgalore
  • M/S Leading Designers, Cochin
  • M/S Design Identity, Chenganacherry
  • M/S KT partners .Cochin, Bangalore
  • M/S Earth Décor, Cochin
  • M/S paushtika, Cochin
  • M/S, Phases Cochin
  • M/S Art nouveau, Cochin
  • M/S URPDS, Cochin


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