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About Us

Stuba is based in Cochin, India is a group seeking professional excellence in the field of Civil Engineering and related fields. Our expertise enables us to deliver solutions for the Housing ,Commercial, Hospitality, Education and health. Our engineering specialists have a reputation for quality and efficiency and, as a result, are increasingly engaged from the outset in projects to deliver leading-edge, integrated and appropriate designs which meet the client's needs.Typical assignments encompass new-build projects , structural refurbishment, building and structural appraisals and expert witness services.

In all our works, we strive to achieve the highest standards of excellence and we take pride in the fact that we have established our mark in all these fields as a highly qualified, reliable and competent group. Our experience and expertise have been shared by a number of architects, builders and project consultants in India & abroad. We offer the optimum solution for the design of R.C.C, Steel & alternative materials

Our general services cover design, preparation of structural drawing and guidelines for construction . In addition to these services, we also do concrete mix design, structural supervision and proof checking of structural designs. We also provide optimum foundation for structures based upon soil investigation studies. We approach each project by carefully analyzing the requirements and architectural design and suggest various structural, engineering and cost effective alternatives for its implementation.State of the art soft wares like ETABS, Nisa, Autocad, StaadPro, Civil etc. are used in design.


If a man is known by the company he keeps, a professional consultant is known by the clients he serves! We have handled many major and important projects for organizations of good reputation and standard. We provide services to innumerable building & Architectural Houses
  • M/S ABAD Builders & Group of Hotels,Cochin
  • M/S Bavason Cochin
  • M/S CGH group of Hotels, Cochin
  • M/S Good Earth, Cochin
  • M/S Datri, Cochin
  • M/S Hotel Sarovaram Ernakulam
  • M/S Jayraj Builders, Cochin
  • M/S Mather Group Cochin
  • M/S Moopan Motors, Cochin
  • M/S Orchid Group
  • M/S Park Group of Hotels
  • M/S Parsans, Coimbatore
  • M/S Roma Builders, Cochin
  • M/S Royal Builders, Tripunitura
  • M/S Shifflis Cochin
  • M/S Travancore Builders
  • M/S TVS Motors, Cochin
  • M/S Mahindra & Mahindra
  • M/S Moon River Sanctuary Munnar
  • M/S BTH Hotel, Ernakulam
  • M/S Oxonia Builders Cochin
  • M/S TVS motors Madurai
  • M/S Abad Builders
  • M/S AVT
  • M/S Indus Towers
  • M/S Tata Tele Services
  • M/S Universal, Angamaly
  • M/S Vodafone
  • M/S Synthite Realtors
  • M/S Jeff Builders Pune
We are the structural consultants for many leading Architectural firms
  • M/S Anand Associates, Cochin
  • M/S Jibu & Thomas, Cochin,
  • M/S Kumar Group
  • M/s. Associated Architects, Cochin
  • M/s. Anandashrami Architects, Cochin
  • M/s. Inspirations, Cochin
  • M/s. Forms India, Cochin
  • M/s. JlP Architects, Cochin.
  • M/s. Inesh Designs, Cochin & Chennai
  • M/s. sanskriti Architects, Cochin
  • M/S Jaikumar Associates , Balgalore
  • M/S Leading Designers, Cochin
  • M/S Design Identity, Chenganacherry
  • M/S KT partners .Cochin, Bangalore
  • M/S Earth Décor, Cochin
  • M/S paushtika, Cochin
  • M/S, Phases Cochin
  • M/S Art nouveau, Cochin
  • M/S URPDS, Cochin


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